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Infrared Human Temperature Detect Door, through infrared non-contact temperature detection, can achieve accurate matching of personnel and temperature to establish the first line of defense. When passing the door, the infrared human body temperature measurement is performed first to screen the heating target and the alarm is sounded; it can be used in schools, hospitals, enterprises, ports, passenger stations, exhibition halls, conference centers and other important places.


Хэрэв биеийн хэм 37.3 хэмээс бага байгаа
тохиодолд (тохируулж болно), зөвшөөрөх
ногоон гэрэл асан дуут дохио өгнө.
If the test temperature is lower than 37.3°C text in green display throught the sound.
f the test temperature is higher than 37.3°C text in red display and alarm sounds.


Non-contact Temperature Detection: The temperature of the forehead of a passing person is tested by an adjustable infrared sensor.

Test Accuracy: +0.3-0.5°C,

Test Distance: 5-30cm ,Working Environment: Indoor   

Adjustable Settings: People of different heights can adjust the sensor angle by themselves to find a suitable angle for measurement.

Metal Detection And Temperature Selection Function: Metal detection function and temperature detection function exist at the same time. Wider range of use.

Multi-zone Technology: 18 detection zones, the sensitivity of each detection zone can be adjusted arbitrarily (with adaptive adjustment technology), and there is a hight-brightness LED alarm location indication to accurately locate hidden contraband areas.

Large-screen Display: 7-inch LCD screen display, new debug program interface, easy to operate.

Objects Detection: Magnetic, non-magnetic and alloy metals.

Strong Shell Protection Design: IP55 enclosure ratings & standards applied.

Statistics of Alarm Data: Equipped with intelligent passenger flow and alarm counter, which can automatically display and record the number of alarms and people in and out in real-time, and can record 100,000 pieces of large-capacity record information for real-time inspection.

Alarm Function: Alarm light and alarm sound can be adjusted arbitrarily.

Password Operation: Password protection allows only authorized personnel to operate, high security.

Human Safety: It is a harmless to cardiac pacemaker wears, pregnant women, and magnetic media.


Product Model RA-8000
Vertical Dimensions (H) 2230mm • (W) 835mm • (D) 580mm
Vertical Channel Size (H) 1990mm • (W) 700mm • (D) 500mm
Weight 65kg
Working Voltage AC90V-240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption <15W (minimum)
Zones 6-18 zones
Test Accuracy +0.3 - 0.5°C
Test Distance 5-30m
Working Environment Indoor (No wind)
Display 7-inch operation LCD screen display

Where is the device convenient

- At the airport, railway station - Monasteries and churches
- The Hotel - Schools and learning centers
- Hospitals - Bank real estate
- State Central and Affiliated Places - Meeting and cultural events